Compass Rehabilitation


Our staff and services come highly recommended by our patients. They have commented that our staff have the following qualities:


Ripu first visited me to advise on progressive weakening of my legs and consequent fear of falling. After careful initial assessment he designed a program of exercises and made further visits to check on my progress. I have been impressed by his very professional approach to my problems from which I feel that I have definitely benefited. He has a delightful manner and has been a pleasure to work with and to receive in my home. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone seeking advice on the management of symptoms similar to mine.


We contacted Susan after Mum’s Stroke, as she had been left with aphasia (difficulty in expressing herself). Susan developed specific functional strategies for Mum, working on short scripts and filler techniques that helped her with greeting people, visiting shops and specific occasions such as her grandchildren’s birthdays. We started a daily written diary entry which has helped with word finding, sentence construction and engage Mum’s academic mind.


After suffering a fairly major Stroke 18 months ago I felt I needed physio more than once a week. Since Steve began to treat me, I have made better progress than I expected. His approach is entirely professional, innovative and always totally caring and supportive.


My husband suffered a severe Stroke and Sarah has gone above and beyond to provide us with help and support. Even teaching a family friend how to do his exercises with him. I would recommend her to anyone with a neurological condition.


I had poor posture and started to stoop and had lost my mobility due to Parkinson’s disease. None of the other Physiotherapists were able to help me. People told me that I would be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Ripu helped to improve my posture and with his expertise I started walking within a few weeks using a walking stick.

Ripu has a deep understanding of Parkinson’s disease and it is clear that my progress is entirely due to the Physiotherapy I am receiving from Ripu. I would strongly recommend people suffering from Parkinson’s to seek Ripu’s help. The earlier the intervention is the better the likely outcome will be.


The FES certainly helped over the weekend. Christine and I were in London, I managed to walk in Greenwich Park, around the Observatory, the Maritime Museum and the Cutty Sark. The following day we went to the Tower of London where I managed numerous steps and stairs, and a walk around the Tower walls – all without my stick or support from my wife. Although, walking is still a bit tiring at times and sometimes I have to sit down for a while before venturing on. I know that I would not have managed to do what I did without the device. With the MS, I have to accept that my walking will not return to former levels. But since the investment in the device and I can now do things that were not possible before!